Keyser-Couroux Conspiracy


Friday, October 5th, 2012

Philippe Hode-Keyser – electronics, percussions, voice
Marc Couroux – keyboard, samples, tapes, upright piano, electronics

It is our great pleasure to invite you to an evening-long music-sound/ installation/ performance by the KEYSER-COUROUX CONSPIRACY.

Philippe Hode-Keyser (chief ideologue for the underground electric big band Kappa, and luminary drum guru of the Montreal jazz scene) is in town for a week-long residency where we (PHK and MC) will be working out ways to slip the not-quite -background and the not-quite-foreground around and into each other, in the hopes of discovering hidden pockets of not-yet-captured noise (of both cochlear and non-cochlear varieties).

(Expected arsenal: horizontality of field recordings, analog  keyboards, noise-makers, bodily sounds, ambulatory boomboxes).

If this sounds at all compelling, you are welcome to spend any amount of time in our company between 7 PM – 12 AM.

325, St Johns Road (at Beresford) in the JUNCTION (one st. West of Runnymede, one st. South of Dundas W)

There will be libation and dessicated vegetable matter – feel free to bring anything you like to share.

Looking forward to seeing you all!