Musiques à loft

Presented by the Montreal Biennale and ALSOP architects
part of Montréal’s installation: Creative City
250, Saint-Antoine Street West (former building of the Gazette)

Event 5 :

“The Politics of Recognition or the Recognition of Politics”

October 24, 2004 – 16 h

Music and vidéo : Free Radicals
Marc Couroux (video artist-musician) : Skulking. Peripheral insights into the downfall of Richard Nixon
Thérèse Mastroiacovo (video artist) : we’re trying to, WW (1975-2004)
Juliana Pivato (video artist) : Company
Philippe Hode-Keyser, Marc Couroux: Watergating

Admission :
Adults= $5
Students= $2,50 (including exhibitions)

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